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Welcome to Women's Fishing Federation, a non-profit organization created, especially for women who love to fish or who are interested in learning. Our mission is simple: provide education, camaraderie, and support to women anglers everywhere from all skill levels. Through our events, resources, and community initiatives, we strive to inspire women to become more confident in their fishing skills and to build lasting friendships within the fishing community. Join us today and become a part of our growing community of women who love the sport of fishing!  Together, let's CAST OUT THE IMPOSSIBLE AND REEL IN POTENTIAL and, create memories that will last a lifetime.

Women angler
Women Angler


Casting out the Impossible

At the Women's Fishing Federation, we are passionate about teaching women the ins and outs of fishing, from choosing the right equipment to mastering different techniques. We also place a strong emphasis on safety, with the goal of ensuring that every woman who participates in our programs feels confident and secure on the water.

Water safety


Reeling in Potential

At the Women's Fishing Federation, we strongly believe that fishing is for everyone. Our community is built on inclusivity, diversity, and the unlimited potential that lies within female anglers. Join us as we break barriers and create a powerful support system for women who share a deep passion for fishing.

Lady angler kayak fishing for bass
A community of women anglers


Creating Lifelong Friendships

Our members span across various fishing disciplines, from freshwater to saltwater, fly fishing to ice fishing. No matter your skill level or preferred fishing style, there's a place for you at the Women's Fishing Federation.  

The Why Behind It All

An Ongoing Story of Commitment

The Women's Fishing Federation was established as a platform for women in the sport of fishing. While other organizations for women anglers exist, what is notable about the WFF is that it was founded by women anglers, primarily from the kayak fishing community. Since our inception in 2019, we have forged partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations to transform our vision into reality. We take immense pride in the fact that our initiatives have empowered numerous women, enabling them to view fishing not merely as a hobby, but as a way of life. Our dedication stems from an unwavering belief in shattering barriers and building a robust support network for women who share a profound passion for fishing. With every stride forward, we invest our hearts and celebrate our achievements.  Thanks to our dedicated staff, volunteers and donors, we're creating a future that allows women to Cast Out the Impossible and Reel in Potential.

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